Christian Louboutin’s Olyaboota 100 Version Multi Vision

Christian Louboutin’s Olyaboota 100 Version Multi Vision


Initial reaction: Pros And Cons

My initial reaction to the Olyaboota 100 by Christian Louboutin was that they were busy. The color blocking with the jigsaw pattern command the attention of any onlooker. After the initial shock of the color contrast I saw many possible outfits that I could wear them with. The colors are perfect for the Fall/Winter seasons and can be paired with a nice peacoat. The block heels are also a nice compliment for walking the streets of New York City since they provide a lot of  durability. I personally enjoy all of the creativity that he brings to his products, however, the comfortability of his shoes are questionable. For woman with wider feet, his shoes are tight and narrow and although easy to walk in, are really “show shoes, which means, you should only be sitting down and showing them off, not really using them for day to day activities like grocery shopping (because who doesn’t grocery shop in heels?) The shoes also can be a distraction so your outfit has to be very minimal in order to get the attention that these shoes deserve. All in all, I would give these shoes an 8/10. Not a full ten because of the narrow build and I would have to assume the inside of the shoes are not lined so the chaffing from rubbing against the heel while walking.


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